Stojance Velickovic, the Chief of Police in Kumanovo, who the police tried to arrest tonight, was released after the police, on the orders from the Public Prosecutor’s Office searched his home.

Velickovic claims that police entered his home at 16:40 pm, executed a search of his property and were specifically looking for documents and records from the elections.

“They came at 16:40pm, stormed into my home with uniforms, masks and firearms and frightened my family. They began a search of the property. I do not know where we made a mistake because the elections were fair and democratic. This is a set up by Mitko Chavkov and other inspectors who are protected like the endangered polar bear. They want to scare me after the victory in Kumanovo. They want to detain me and intimidate me. The elections in Kumanovo were conducted in an orderly manner. The inspector acted accordingly and correctly, he informed me that they had orders, and were looking for some sort of documents at my home. They went through my ledgers and notebooks and were specifically searching for some kind of documents. The order came from the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje. The aim was to intimidate me because I work professionally. This whole process was tendentious and fiction, but I will see this situation to the end”, said Velickovic.

Before Velickovic poke publicly, the Mayor of Kumanovo, Zoran Damjanovski gave a statement , and said that the attempted arrest was brash, but urged citizens to preserve the peace.

While the police were at the home of Velickovic, outside the property a group of citizens gathered to show their support. They chanted “No justice, no peace.”

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