The President of the State Election Commission (SEC), Aleksandar Chichakovski has issued an appeal to the political parties to stop urgently with causing incidents and has stated that the violence int he pre-election period can cause only damage to the candidates, political parties, the election process and the state.

Speaking on behalf of SEC, Chichakovski condemned all previous incidents before the local elections set for the 15th of October. The incidents are derailing the democratic ambiance and the election process and they should stop immediately.

-The violence is never a solution. It won’t help anyone and it can only cause damage to the candidates, the political parties, the election process, the state. Once again, we appeal all negative occurrences to stop immediately and we appeal for respecting the counter-candidates and for fair and democratic elections. The elections will be won on the 15th of October with a clearly stated will of the citizens, with a higher percentage of voter turnout and the individual right of every citizen to cast his vote for those candidates that he thinks are best and not with violence – said SEC’s president.

Chichakovski reminded that the mayoral candidates and councelors, including the political parties, have signed a code for fair and democratic elections, which obliges them to respect the principles of democracy and the good behavior, and to contribute to the society’s democratic development.

-Each violence, incident, disobeying the political opponents in the election process is contrary to the code, the laws, the rules and regulations of Republic of Macedonia that are relevant during the elections – said Chichakovski.

On behalf of SEC he called upon the authorized institutions to solve the incidents and to punish the perpetrators and the political parties to contribute to calming the situation.