Chairman of the State Election Commission (SEC), Aleksandar Chichakovski confirmed to the state new agency MIA, that he has submitted his resignation.

Regarding the reasons behind his resignation, Chichakovski said that it was due to personal matters.

Otherwise, Chichakovski’s resignation comes after it was recently discovered that SEC members had been taking high bonuses in the last round of elections. An internet petition was launched demanding the resignations of nine SEC members, signed by over 5000 people.

Both SEC members, Violeta Duma and Igor Milev, who were representatives of SDSM in the commission, some of the media are reporting that they too had confirmed their resignations.

The mandate of this certain composition of the SEC was meant to last until 2020. Chichakovski was the number one in the SEC since 2015 after the reaching the Przino Agreement.