Forty percent of the French against the publication of cartoons of Mohammed


More than 40 percent of French citizens consider that the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad should be avoided, and half of them agree with the restriction of freedom of speech online, showed a public opinion poll published today and conducted after the terrorist attacks in “Charlie Hebdo” ten days ago.

In the research of institute “IFOP”, which published weekly “Le Journal du Dimanshe”, to the question whether the cartoons should be published, keeping in mind that “some Muslims feel hurt or violated by the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad”, 57 percent of respondents said that they “shouldn’t pay attention to the reactions and should continue with the publication of these cartoons”. In contrast, 42 percent of respondents think that the reactions “should be taken into account and the publication of the cartoons to be avoided”.
Fifty percent of respondents agree with the “restriction of freedom of expression online and on social networks”, versus 49 percent of those who are against this measure.
Eighty percent of respondents support the “deprivation of citizenship of people with dual citizenship convicted of terrorist activities on French territory”, and 68 percent of them agree with the “prohibition to return to France for French nationals suspected of fighting in countries controlled by terrorist groups”.

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