Basic Court Skopje 1 issued a press release which informs that on request of Basic Public Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption (OJO), the judge has ordered a 30-day detention for 13 persons, while 6 people were placed under a house arrest.

The Preliminary Proceedings Judge has accepted the motion and has ordered a 30-day detention to Mitko Chavkov, Igor Durlovski, Bogdan Ilievski, Oliver Radulov and 9 others.

A house arrest was ordered for Boris Damovski, Vlado Jovanovski and 4 others

The Public Prosecution for Organized Crime has started a procedure on grounds of felony of terrorist jeopardizing the state’s constitutional order and security, article 313 of the Criminal Code.

The accused will have the right to appeal to this Court’s Criminal Council 24 hours after the decisions were received.

The Criminal Court states that regarding the MPs that are part of the investigation, the Preliminary Proceedings Judge will decide upon prosecution’s suggestion as soon as the Parliament’s President decides to act upon Court’s request.

“For other persons that are included in the motion and were not taken to the judge, the Court still hasn’t received any notification about the reasons because of which it wasn’t acted in accordance with the orders for their detention” states the Court.