The Public Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption has pressed charges against five members of Megjunaroden Sojuz association: Jasna Mandik, the Deputy President, Mile Jovanovski, who is Bojan Jovanovski’s father, Jovanovski’s assistant Kristina Blazevska, MP Frosina Remenski including Bojan Jovanovski.

These people are charged with fraud and money laundering while Mile Jovanovski is charged with unauthorized making, owning, mediation and trading weapons.

The Prosecution is charging Mile Jovanovski that he has helped Bojan Jovanovski to by legalizing the cash flow by paying them on his own foreign exchange account and part of the assets were paid to legal entities as loans.

Apart from pressing charges, the prosecution also requested that the house arrest for Jasna Mandik to be prolonged.