Chavkov: The establishment of a special court within the MOI is an illogical solution


The Minister of Interior, Mitko Chavkov, believes that the formation of a special department within the Ministry of Interior for the cases led by the Special Prosecution’s Office is illogical.

According to him, the current Law on Criminal Procedure allows any Prosecutor’s Office to ask, and representatives from the MOI will be made available.

“I am not part of that process, nor am I part of the current negotiations. Nevertheless, I believe that it is pointless and there is no need for that kind of approach because everything necessary and needed already exists in the Law of Criminal Procedure (LCP). Prosecution Office’s in accordance with the LCP can hire people according to their needs and assessments, therefore I think it is illogical to talk about establishing some sort of special department within the MOI”, stated Chavkov.

Establishing a special judicial department and a special unit at the Ministry of Interior (MOI), who would be responsible for processing the cases of the SPO, a proposal which, according to some information, was discussed at the negotiating table at the talks between representatives of the four political parties signatories to the Pržino Agreement.

Unofficially, this issue had been up for discussion over a month ago, however, no party has officially confirmed that they are in negotiations over the issue, until ten days ago, and the SDSM and the DUI party publicly issued statements and said they would support a proposal to establish a special court department for cases led by the SPO.

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