CDU/CSU: Opposition must not block Macedonia’s EU and NATO perspective as it risks further isolation


With over 91% of votes ‘For’, voters in Macedonia have shown tremendous support to the European path and for a greater perspective of their country in the EU and NATO, said deputy chairman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, Johann David Wadephul.

The ruling German CDU/CSU believes that the opposition must not block Macedonia’s NATO and EU perspective. They warn that the failure to resolve the name dispute will isolate the country for years to come.

“In the referendum in Macedonia, more than 91% voted in favour of changing the country’s to “North Macedonia” and at the same time, for a further perspective of their country in NATO and the EU. However, the required 50 percent census was not reached. Therefore, the vote in Parliament will be decisive,” Wadephul said.

The CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group regret that only approximately 37% of voters participated in the referendum on the name change, and that the required census was not reached.

“However, the referendum is not binding. It is crucial that the necessary majority of two-thirds for the constitutional amendment and the name change is achieved with the necessary vote in Parliament,” emphasizes Wadephul.

The CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group urges the Macedonian opposition to agree, as they say, with the historically important vote in Parliament on constitutional amendments, otherwise it would be politically responsible for blocking Macedonia’s path in the long run and therefore isolating the country from Europe. The CDU went on to say they will reflect on the possibility of launching EU accession negotiations.

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