Caca Nikolovska: SPO’s cases are not called into question


The materials from the wiretapped conversations i.e.” the bombs” are not the only evidence that the Special Public Prosecution is using in its cases and according to that these cases are not called into question, said Margarita Caca Nikolovska, a former judge at the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. According to the judge, the state mustn’t allow a situation where some of the suspects will not be answering for its crimes.

-This is evidence that can be backed by other evidence. On the other hand, the procedure of a fair trial must be obeyed where the defense will be given the right to react. That means that the defense will have the opportunity to elaborate on these wiretapped materials and the other side will have the opportunity to answer upon and the principles of equality of the parties involved in the procedure will be applied. Very often I hear that these materials will not be used as evidence anymore. We will have to wait for the law to pass and to see what will be and how it will be – said Nikolovska today at a debate that was organized at the Law Faculty in Shtip on the subject of “Whether the new reforms will solve the old challenges in the judiciary”.

Caca Nikolovska said that the state is now standing in front of the challenge to prove that the rule of law exists.

-Let’s prove that each will be held responsible, eventually for the acts that were done and that in democracy and in the practice of the European Court of Human Rights the conтиноус practice is one of the elements of fair acting. What does this mean? If there is one treatment for one and a different treatment for another, when it comes to the evaluation of our ideas and wishes to join the EU will not pass easily – said Caca Nikolovska.

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