Bulgarian MEPs have forgotten the true values of the EU, says Poposki


The outgoing Macedonian Foreign Minister, Nikola Poposki today through his official Facebook page, recalled a conversation he had with an unnamed MEP, and said that Bulgarian MEPs Andrey Kovatchev and Angel Dzhambaski put their personal goals and interests first while adopting a resolution on Albania’s progress towards the EU, in which they requested the acknowledgment of the existence of the Bulgarian minority in Mala Prespa, Golo Brdo and Gora.

“A friend, an MEP, said: “The greatest danger for the EU are those who represent it, those who forget the true purpose and values that the Union stands for, and to replace them with petty personal goals”, wrote Poposki.

He also said that the if the Bulgarian MEPs wanted to help Albania, they should act indiscriminately.

“The MEP was only concerned about the rights of Bulgarians in Albania. He had a choice to exert the true values of the Union. Indiscriminately. He will help Albania to get closer to European values and promote human rights. However, he would not miss the opportunity to say that there are Macedonians, Greeks, Vlachs, Serbs, Roma living there … who are self-aware. They can overcome this, if they want to. That will be for them, for Albania, for all the communities and above all, for the EU. And it will certainly be more useful than domestic political advertising”, wrote Poposki.

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