Bulgarian daily “Telegraph” accused that Macedonia is stealing the Bulgarian Coat of Arms.

“The Government in Skopje adopted a new Coat of Arms that is a copy of our,” writes Bulgarian daily “Telegraph”.

In its print edition, the daily, in an article with title “Macedonia steals our Coat of Arms,” states that Macedonian draft crest is a symbol of the Second Bulgarian Empire, from which, the current crest of Bulgaria is derived.

Macedonian heraldry experts claim that the lion is a characteristic symbol for most of Europe and that it was even used by Albanian feudal lords.

President of the Macedonian Association “Heraldry”, Jovan Jonovski, said that this layout of elements isn’t seen in any of the neighboring country.

So far, the daily “Telegraph” is the only Bulgarian media that reacted to the Macedonian draft crest, while other media reported the information regarding the change without any comments.