There is no example in the world where the implementation of a court ruling where custody has been determined, is postponed, except in Macedonia. This was the opinion of Gavril Bubevski, a prosecutor from the Special Prosecutor’s Office,  regarding the situation in which Goran Grujovski (former head of the fifth administration), Toni Jakimovski (former head of Sasho Mijalkov’s Office) and Nikola Boskovski (an employee in UBK) will not be remanded into custody, until the Supreme Court decides on the appeals of the Appellate Court’s decision, who ruled that the three defendants be remanded into custody yesterday.

Bubevski emphasized that delaying the implementation of the ruling, the court is associated with “an unfortunate decision,” by the Supreme Court who revoked the first and second instance decision in the “Trust” case, namely, that the custody ruling for businessman Sead Kočan, who was the prime suspect in the case.

“Postponing a ruling where custody has been decided, does not exist in the world. This is the only place where people wait at home to confirm a ruling for custody. That’s impossible! This legal situation, when a custody measure has been determined, is effective, it is determined in the Law on Criminal Procedure. Once a measure of custody is pronounced, it is implemented. I will repeat, this is the product of the unfortunate decision made by the Supreme Court”, said Bubevski.