The European Commission does not want to comment on the demands made by VMRO-DPMNE to the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn, who is visiting the country tomorrow.

“We will not speculate or comment on any party programme. We expect a swift formation of a new government committed to implement overdue reforms. We will continue to insist on the implementation of all parts of the Przino agreement and the Urgent Reform Priorities. All this is essential in order to bring the country back onto its EU path that its citizens want and deserve”, EU sources told “Meta”.

On Friday, VMRO-DPMNE announced that they will ask Hahn to publicly condemn the Tirana platform, for the EU to respect the principles laid out by the former Commissioner, Olli Rehn, i.e the winner from the Macedonian parties enters a coalition with the winner from the Albanian block, and that European integration is unblocked.

In Brussels, they also do not want to comment on the statement given by the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, that his party is preparing a political document – “Platform for the preservation of Macedonia”.

“We haven’t seen it, and anyway we won’t speculate on it”, said EU officials to “Meta”.

Gruevski, in an interview for “Kanal 5” that he expects the political document to be finalised in the next few days, and that he will offer it to the larger political parties as a way out of the political crisis.

“We are preparing a document for the preservation of Macedonia, it is a political document that offers a way out of the crisis. Through its acceptance, we can get out of this crisis, and at the same time not disrupt the unity of the country. The document, over the next week will be offered to all political parties and we expect them to accept it as a way out of the political crisis, said Gruevski in the interview.