Brussels regrets that the continued political crisis has caused the country to move away from Euro-Atlantic aspirations, a spokesman for the European Commission told “Meta”.

“The Commission notes that several parties have not submitted their list of candidates to the State Election Commission by yesterday’s deadline. We do not see that the minimum conditions to enable credible elections on 5 June 2016, which could be recognized by the International Community, are met”, said the spokesperson from EC.

Brussels repeatedly emphasized the necessity of cleaning the electoral roll, providing balanced media reporting and an investigation into voter intimidation.

“Under the current circumstances, any government resulting from elections in which three major parties are not participating would not be a credible partner for the International Community. The Commission therefore urges all political leaders and relevant authorities to now take decisive steps to address this situation, respecting the Przhino Agreement. It is also urgent that the leaders address persisting rule of law problems without further delay. This concerns in particular the need to revoke the recent presidential pardons Justice must prevail and must be seen to. This is the only way to restore citizens’ trust in the state institutions, to end the current tensions and to preserve rule of law in the country. Political leaders cannot pretend that this is business as usual.Recent actions and any further inaction now will have serious consequences”, the spokesperson went on to say.

The Commission says it remains committed and available to assist all parties. However, the parties themselves are responsible for ensuring democratic progress and bringing their country back on the Euro-Atlantic path.