The British Embassy in Macedonia stated that the violent attacks at the Parliament on the 27th of April must be investigated and that there has to be a legal outcome.

“The events in Parliament on 27 April involved serious violence and deserve thorough investigation with consequent action through the courts if appropriate. It is important that institutional procedures and due process of law are adhered to with the maximum amount of transparency so that it’s clear to all that the law is being carried out impartially ‘-announced the British Embassy for Meta when it commented the detention of 26 persons, including MPs for the attacks at the Parliament.

All 36 persons are charged with endangerment of the constitutional order and security. To some, the court ordered a 30-day detention and to some a house arrest.

Among the persons that were taken into detention by the police are the following people: MPs Krsto Mukoski, Johan Tarchulovski, Zaklina Peshevska, Ljuben Arnaudov, Sasho Vasilevski and Ljupcho Dimovski, the former Director of the Bureau for Public Safety and the Former Minister of Interior, Mitko Chavkov, including some of the organizers of the “For a United Macedonia,” Vlado Jovanovski, Boris Damovski, Igor Durlovski and Bogdan Ilievski.