After his arrival back in Skopje from a meeting in London with UK Minister for Europe David Lidington, the British Ambassador Charles Garrett tweeted a photograph of Skopje Airport along with the question “What’s this news about enabling pardons for electoral fraud ?”

The “Twitter” community immediately reacted and replies to his question poured in, some along the lines of , “Welcome to reality”, “That’s Doing business, VMRO style”, “You left Macedonia, but you return to Grujostan!”, “Admission of guilt in a captured state, and a humiliation of the whole nation.”, “please don’t leave again, they go crazy”, “Yes, lots has changed yesterday. Welcome back to the former democratic republic of Macedonia. Cheers.”.

The initiative for the amnesty for people involved in electoral fraud originated from Risto Kiteski, a young lawyer from Ohrid who works for a law firm who are defending suspects from “Operation Titanic”.

The Constitutional Court accepted to review his initiative to amend the law on, Amnesty, which once again allows the President the power to pardon people who have been convicted of electoral fraud.