Branko’s “Lada” at the protest in front of the Government on 9th of May


“Lada Niva”, the symbol of “Resistance”, protests led by former SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski, which began after the events in the Assembly on 24th of December 2012, returns on the street.

“Lada”, which Zoran Zaev gave Crvenkovski after the congress on which he was elected president of SDSM, yesterday late evening was returned in the party headquarters on Bihakjka and the keys were handed to party leader Zoran Zaev.

The event was attended by representatives of party branches.

Our source claims that Crvenkovski returned the car to support Zaev for the “bombs.”

The tradition in opposition SDSM is the new leader to give his predecessor a gift of his choosing. Allegedly, Branko Crvenkovski wanted to get “Lada” – jeep symbol of “Resistance,” by his successor Zoran Zaev, reported “Brif” at the time.

This seemingly outdated and no longer popular model of car was one of the loudest and most recognized opposition messages to the Government of the Republic of Macedoni before the local elections; it drove across the country, taking the opposition “Resistance” with it. Every night, “Lada” was at the center of the opposition front.

We learn that on 9th of May, Day of Victory over Fascism, opposition plans a meeting in front of the Government. The crowd will be led by “Lada Niva”.

This was also agreed with representatives of LDP.

20th of May was set as an alternative date for the gathering, if something unexpected happens.

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