The Parliament informs that the 86th and 88th session scheduled for today were postponed but no reason for the postponement was provided.

Unofficially, SDSM’s representatives didn’t show up at the regular coordination at the President of the Parliament, Talat Xhaferi, as a sign of disapproval because Xhaferi extended the deadline and didn’t put to vote the impeachment of Trajko Veljanovski’s MP immunity.

SDSM’s MP Muhamed Zekiri has publicly called upon Xhaferi and DUI through his Facebook profile why have they saved their crony.

“They saved him in order for VMRO to be able to save them at some other time or what? The general public has once again saw the true face of this political party. DUI 2014 = 153.000, DUI 2016 = 86.000, DUI 2019 = …“ – wrote Zekiri on his social media profiles.

At today’s session, among other issues, there was supposed to be a debate about an interpellation for the work by the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, on request of the VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs.