The sale of the bulletproof Mercedes, which was mentioned in some of the “bombs” as the “one beginning with M” has been stopped, in order to avoid any danger of hindering the court process that is taking place regarding the manner it was bought in, said government spokesman, Mile Bosnjakovski, at today’s regular press conference.

“Although the Special Prosecutor’s Office said that there are no obstacles to sell the vehicle, the Government wants to exclude any possible danger of problems during the trial, and so it will remain this way until the court process is completed”, said Bosnjakovski.

The Mercedes is now being held at a Government compound, which is managed by the Government’s General Affairs and Common Affairs Unit, he explained.

Bosnjakovski added, that although there is no legal obstacles for the sale of the vehicle, the Government’s decision is to stop the procedure in order to prevent any obstruction of the court proceedings.

“The idea is to prevent any kind of excuse on behalf of the defendants regarding possible lack of evidence”, said the government spokesman, while answering an additional journalist’s question that the current government had never used for their own personal needs, but only for the transportation of official foreign guests.