The renaming of state and public institutions financed from the Budget was done in accordance with three criteria. It remains to be seen how the new name will be for the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, with which the consultations are underway, said today the Government’s spokesperson, Mile Boshnjakovski at the regular press conference.

-The names of the institutions where the “Republic of Macedonia” is mentioned are renamed as “Republic North Macedonia” while in cases where it’s about an institution of a national character, and the name has the adjective “Macedonian”, it will be changed into “National” as was the case with the Macedonian Radio-Television which was renamed as National Radio-Television. The adjective “Macedonia” remains only at those institutions that are identified with the Macedonian national identity, as is the case with the Macedonian National Theatre – said Boshnjakovski.

For now, the government will not reveal how much the renaming will cost but they announced that it will come out with information as soon as the whole process ends.

Boshnjakovski stressed that the hymn will not be changed, and the names of the cities such as Makedonski Brod and Makedonska Kamenica will remain the same.

Regarding the further use of the adjective “Macedonian,” Boshnjakovski said that it will be used always when it is related to the ethnic and cultural identity i.e. the Macedonian language, Macedonian culture, Macedonian nation, Macedonian literature, and Macedonian Cyrillic letters will be used.