Tensions are at a high at Idomeni after refugees broke through the barriers in protest to get through to the Macedonian side. Desperate after waiting for days, the refugees began to throw stones at the fence and the police. The police force from the Macedonian side responded with tear gas to try to disperse the crowd and to calm the situation.
The Ministry of Interior told”Meta” that about 5,000 migrants from the Greek side this afternoon tried to break through the double wired fence through, which lead to some migrants getting passed the border and into Macedonian territory. They were unsuccessful in their intentions,as the police were forced to use tear gas on the crowd.
They say that during the intervention a policeman was injured.
The incident began, when information spread among the migrants from the Greek side that the border will be open to all, although work was being done on the fence, around 50 refugees some how got through. Large numbers of people began to run along the railway to the Macedonian fence hoping to get past.
It is unknown whether the incorrect information was part of a tactic by a group of refugees, so they could get through the border unchecked.
While refugees raced to the fences to get through, Macedonian police tried to step up the security with additional iron fence poles. The first response of the additional reinforcement of the fence were screams and calls to open the gate and allow the refugees through, but then a group of refugees began to throw stones at the police.