Three people were killed in an explosion at the plant for filling small gas cylinders “Balkan gas” from Bogdanci, confirmed owner Igor Demirdzhiev. A worker with burns was transported to Skopje. Witnesses testified that the man, who was on fire, jumped from the building into the river Luda Mara, which flows next to the factory. It probably saved his life. At the time of the explosion, five workers were in the plant, confirmed Demirdzhiev.

The fire was localized morning before 11 am, but firefighters remained on the ground due to the possibility of new explosions. So far, no one knows how the explosion happened, after which, as evidenced by eyewitnesses, there were a flame of ten meters. Enormous black smoke is still rising above the plant. For now, the teams remain outside the plant because it is not safe to enter inside.

“Balkan gas” works from 2006 and, as the owner Demirdzhiev says, has all safety certificates, and there were no incidents until now.