“Blic”: Serbia has four times the military power than Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo


Serbia, which has 36.000 soldiers, has four times more military power than Macedonia, Albania or Kosovo, while Macedonia only has 8.000 troops. At the bottom is Montenegro with 1.853 soldiers. However, Kosovo has a little more than the others, due to the presence of 150 members of the special anti-terrorist units ROSU (Regional Operational Support Unit), which boosts their numbers by 8.000, of which 4.000 are members of KFOR, and another 4.000 are members of the security forces in Kosovo. grafika voeni sili

This information was presented by the Serbian daily newspaper “Blic” on its website, showing the military ratio of the Western Balkans in a chart.

According to “Blic”, in addition to 36.000 soldiers, Serbia has 212 tanks, unlike Macedonia, which has only 31 tanks.
Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro do not have tanks.

Serbia is the only country with military aircrafts, they have 95, whereas our country, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro do not have any. Serbia definitely has the most helicopters – 46, Albania – 27, Macedonia and Kosovo have 16 and Montenegro has 13 helicopters.

Just like the tanks, and in terms of missile systems, Serbia and Macedonia are in the lead. Serbia has 82 and Macedonia has 24 missile systems, while the other countries do not have such systems.

In the article, which lists the information, “Blic” states that Serbia has the highest numbers, but the article also expresses the views of analysts who say that it is not just about comparing numbers, because comparisons are significantly restricted due to the presence of NATO in Macedonia and Kosovo.

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