Skopje’s Public Prosecutor’s Office has summoned Bitola farmer Dusko Ilievski and tobacco grower Kire Nedelkovski for questioning regarding their participation in the protests held in Skopje in April, after President Gjorge Ivanov’s decision to pardon 56 politicians and their close associates.
According to the summons, both Ilievski and Nedelovski were part of a mob that prevented an officer from carrying out his duty.

The farmers from Bitola have to report to the prosecution on July 28, where they will have to give a full account before prosecutors of their involvement during the opposition’s protests in April when demonstrators tried to lift a metal fence which had been placed in front of the VMRO-DPMNE’s headquarters in Skopje.

“Well, now even the Public prosecutor himself, Marko Zvrlevski has decided to harass me because I was caught on camera by pro-government television stations while trying to move the metal fence in front of the VMRO-DPMNE’s headquarters in Skopje. Just to remind Mr. Zvrlevski that he is the third person who has tried to intimidate us, and to stop us participating in protests. Before him, we have been threatened with criminal charges from the police and the Prosecutor’s Office in Bitola”, said the farmer, Ilievski.

However, tobacco grower, Nedelkovski does not know why he has received a summons to appear before prosecutors in Skopje. According to Nedelkovski’s summons, he has suspected also of being part of the mob that tried to prevent an officer from carrying out his duty.
“I’m not afraid of any criminal charges and I will go to Skopje. I have the right to protest and to express my dissatisfaction with this government”, said the Nedelkovski, who was a former leader during the tobacco protests.

A few weeks ago Ilievski and Nedelkovski were called to the Bitola police station concerning their participation in the protests against the Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Taleski.