The Besa Movement party will not give their support for DUI’s candidate Talat Dzaferi in his bid for president of Parliament and decided to propose its own candidate for a Parliament Speaker, reported Television 21. The party’s spokesperson, Orhan Murtezani still hasn’t revealed any names but according to unofficial information from inside the party, it’s either Afrim Gashi or Fadil Zendeli.

-The Besa Movement hasn’t made a decision to give its support for Talat Dzaferi for his run for a parliamentary speaker. The last decision of Besa Movement’s central leadership and we will propose our own candidate for a president of the Parliament. Until a different decision is made by the leadership we remain to our stance to have our own candidate for that position – said Gashi.

Yesterday, when asked by a journalist whether SDSM will propose a candidate for a president of Parliament or will they support DUI’s candidate, Jagoda Shahpaska said that tomorrow at the continuation of the constitutive session of the Parliament it will be announced what presents an agreement by 67 MPs from the new parliamentary majority regarding the election of the new president of the Parliament.

Two days ago, DUI’s spokesperson, Bujar Osmani said that Talat Dzaferi will be a candidate for a president of the Parliament for which he has a support from the parliamentary majority.

The election of the Parliamentary speaker is going to occur on Monday, after the election of the personnel of the new Commission for elections and appointment issues. According to the Constitution and the parliamentary rules of the procedure, the president of the Parliament will be voted by a majority i.e. with 61 votes.