All the fuss being made for a joint roundtable of Albanian parliamentary parties for some Albanian parties in Macedonia is to win political points for the local elections, says the Besa Movement.

Besa will not accept a meeting that is initiated by the President of DUI in Skopje.

“Those who are guilty that Besa was stripped of two MPs and were given to VMRO-DPMNE, no longer have the legitimacy to represent the Albanians nor are they worthy to convene a meeting of the Albanian political parties in Macedonia. Their leader may be the head of a political party or alliance, but for, us he is to blame for the current status of Albanians in Macedonia. For this reason, these initiatives, allegedly on behalf of Albanian interests, by abusing the round table for us it is with bad intention and their purpose is the rehabilitation of those who destroyed the interest of the Albanians in Macedonia for 15 years. To those who wanted a public meeting with Besa, so that they could get Pilate to wash their hands of their crimes, we will not allow them that pleasure, “the Besa.

According to the party, meetings held in the name of the platform, look more like coalition talks between DUI and the Albanian Alliance. The party added that they still support the platform and that their MPs would vote for their points when it comes on the agenda in Parliament.