Most of the Serbian media today reported information from the interior ministries of Albania and Montenegro that former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski fled Macedonia via Albania and Montenegro in a vehicle to the Hungarian embassy in Tirana, two days before for an arrest warrant was issued.

However, the Serbian government has yet to offer an official stance on the “Gruevski case”.

The Serbian Ministry of Interior previously told regional television “H1” that Gruevski did not have a Serbian passport or citizenship. As to whether Gruevski traveled through Serbia on his way to Hungary, Serbia have yet to offer a reply.

Yesterday, pro-Serbian daily newspaper, “Politika”, published an article without revealing its sources and made several claims regarding Gruevski’s flight, including false information that Gruevski flew to Budapest from Tirana. However, yesterday Albanian police said that Gruevski left Albania two days before the international arrest warrant was issued, using the border crossing “Hani i Hoti” towards Montenegro.