BED: No teacher will be laid off – on the contrary, we’ll need additional teachers!


Under full responsibility, we claim that no teacher in the elementary education in North Macedonia will be laid off, says the Bureau for Education Development (BED), after the numerous reactions of the public, which reacted that with the new primary education concept, many of the teachers will be laid off.

The Bureau explains that in this past period they had been working on the new concept for elementary education, as they saw the need for thorough reforms in the education process.

“BED announced that the draft text for the concept will be a subject of public debate and all concerned sides will be able to participate with their proposals to improve this concept. The implementation is planned for the 2021/22 school year, with the pupils from the first and the sixth grades of the elementary education, after the adjustments of the concept and all of the education programs with participation of all relevant sides. With the adoption of the concept, preparation of education programs for all school subjects will start. This process will be transparent and inclusive. University professors and teachers will take part, together with Bureau’s representatives and will be jointly developing the education programs,” states the Bureau’s press release.

The draft-education plan, as they stress, predicts the studying of new integrated school subjects, but that doesn’t mean it will abolish certain scientific disciplines such as history, geography, and civil education.

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