Because of the political crisis, international financial institutions will stop lending money to Macedonia reports “Prizma“.

Diplomatic sources in Skopje say that the World Bank has halted the second phase of the program for the improvement of municipal services in Macedonia which was supposed to provide loans to 57 municipalities for investments in infrastructure, such as water supply, sanitation, solid waste management, local roads, improving the energy efficiency of municipal buildings and other municipal infrastructure with a high priority.

The Board of Directors at the World Bank gave such instructions after several members of their international financial institution requested it.

“The board of directors at the World Bank gave instructions to not continue with the second phase of the program in Skopje until credible elections are held in the country”, diplomatic sources say.

Among international lenders who have serious doubts about the way money is beng spent, and after Special Public Prosecutor publicly announced that “there are findings that large sums of money from the treasury were leaked into private pockets.”