In order for the European Union to lead an active access policy towards the Republic of Macedonia, the authorities of this country should meet the requirements of the EU Member States, including Bulgaria and Greece, said MEP from the group of ECR and the leader of the party without Bulgaria censorship, Nikolay Barekov, during the debate on the 2014 Progress Report for the Republic of Macedonia.

– Authorities in FYROM should mature for European values, according to which it is not allowed to pursue a policy based on ethnic opposition and identity of the population. We demand a transparent census in the country, which will affect the Bulgarian minority, which will likely show as a majority – said MEP Barekov.

Bulgarian MEP also reminded that during the last census in 2002, barely 1,417 people declared themselves as Bulgarians and at the same time, 50,000 citizens of Macedonia applied for Bulgarian citizenship.

– We demand authorities in FYROM to stop any interpretations of Bulgarian history, which is objectively a part of the history of the territory of this country. Government of this republic steals the identity of the Bulgarian, Greek, and even, as you well noticed, Egyptian history – said Barekov.