Today, the US Ambassador to the country, Jess Baily, said that the US Embassy is closely following events related to the incident in Parliament which occurred on April 27th, and that the police, prosecution and justice systems must act transparently, while respecting the highest standards in carrying out this process .

“The police, the prosecution and the justice system must proceed transparently, with full respect for the highest standards of due process. The United States and the European Union have stressed that those responsible for April 27th must be held responsible for the events, but the process must also respect the presumption of innocence”, said Baily.

He emphasized that Parliament, in accordance with its role, is conducting important talks on the topic today.

“It’s Parliament’s role to talk about democratic governance,” pointed out the US ambassador, after today’s meeting between Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi and Laura Cooper, the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the United States.

When asked whether Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Hoyt Brian Yee will be the new ambassador to Macedonia, Baily said that he is currently the US Ambassador and that, as far as he knows, the White House has not nominated anyone for this position so far.

“The one body that can tell you whether this is true or not is the White House”, said Ambassador Baily.