The US supports a mutual acceptable solution to the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece, stated the US Ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily, and added that it is good that negotiations between the two country’s our developing.

“It is good that Macedonia is having talks with Greece and other countries in the region. The US has always supported and will continue to support Macedonia and its path towards NATO and the EU”, said Baily, answering journalists’ questions at the conference “Current Challenges of the Business Community in the Field of Legislation”, organized by several chambers of commerce.

The US Ambassador emphasized that the reforms that lie ahead should not include just the government, but also the entire country.

“We still need to talk with the new government as well as members of the whole society and with the opposition regarding what steps need to be taken. This process involves the whole society and the whole country and the country has to untie to achieve this”, stated Baily.