After the accusations from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the US Ambassador in Macedonia, Jess Baily, was present at the Parliament during the voting for the initiation of the constitutional changes, yesterday on TV21, he denied these claims, stating that he was watching the voting on TV, from his living room.

-That day I was working in my office, as I was attending an event in by the Embassy that evening and as most of the citizens in Macedonia I watched the voting on my TV from my living room – said Bailey for TV21.

As he said at TV21, the only thing that the US Embassy did was the statement that greeted the voting.

-It is clear that the accusations that the US is illegally involved and have improperly influenced the voting at the Parliament absurd. As we stated, we greeted the voting at the Macedonian Parliament to initiate the constitutional changes and the implementation of the Prespa Agreement – said Baily.

Two days ago, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused that the 8 votes from the opposition were secured by blackmail, threats and bribe.

“The MPs were closed in their offices, the mobile phones were taken away from them, which it seems is in the spirit of the European democratic practices. it should be mentioned that the US Ambassador was at the Parliament by the end of the session, something that puts doubt about who was managing this process” said the press release issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry.