Baily believes the Przhino Agreement is not dead


The US Ambassador to Macedonia, Jess Baily in an interview with “Kanal 5” said that he doesn’t believe that the Przhino Agreement is dead, but from tomorrow night the situation will get to the point of no return.

“The key question now is to decide on a date for elections. It was the most critical question in the letter we sent to the interim Prime Minister. I am still convinced that the Przhino Agreement is alive. That it is the path that will lead the country out of this crisis. There were moments when some people thought the Agreement was dead, but people sat down, discussed things, and always made a step forward, so I am an optimist, and I will remain optimistic, because that is how things get done”, said Baily.

The US Ambassador said that he agrees with Commissioner Johannes Hahn’s tweet, who wrote that credible elections are more important than the date, but it is now up to the political leaders and Parliament.

“We didn’t choose a side, and we do not support the views of one party or another. Our task is to try and enable a consensus for the parties, so the country can move forward”, said Baily, and he added that the issue of reforming the media will remain open because the political parties failed to reach an agreement.

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