The Russian MP, Inga Jumasheva aka a radio and TV host, was questioned upon her arrival at the Kennedy airport in New York.

Due to her delay and questioning, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a protest against the US on Sunday, and a note of protest was sent at the US Department of State by the Russian Embassy in Washington. Jumasheva hasn’t issued a statement about the incident, informs the BBC service in Russian.
On Saturday evening
The Russian MFA was kept quiet about until it was found out after one of the higher Russian diplomatic representatives in the USA has reacted. On Saturday evening he has said that Inga Jumasheva was detained for an hour upon her arrival only two days after she took part in the Russian-American forum “Dialogue FOrt -Ross” and was “Illegally detained” before passport control.

“MP Inga Albertovna Jumasheva was kept at the airport in New York, and was asked to go to a separate room and an FBI officer, who introduced himself, started to question her, for an hour…,” the embassy said, citing Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov

“Moreover, she was offered to meet with the FBI officer in a different, informal setting and to continue the conversation,” said the ambassador.

Otherwise, Jumasheva was one of the MPs that greeted the President of the Edinstvena Makedonija party and Dr. Stefan Vlahov Micov in April last year when they went there to campaign for a strategic alliance with Russia.

regarding the questioning, through the party’s official facebook page, Edinstvena Makedonija also issued a note of protest that condemned the detainment of Jumasheva for which the party claims has happened yesterday. The party, which main goal is a strategic alliance with Russia, claims that she was asked unacceptable questions.

“The FBI agents asked Jumasheva “unclear and unacceptable questions and then they suggested that the conversation should continue with their boss in an informal surrounding which shows CIA’s desperation to regrout people violently at airports. But CIA’s agents have got the adress wrong! states Edinstvena Makedonija, stating that “Jumasheva is a great friend to Macedonia and the Macedonian people.”