Now the work of the State Election Commission (SEC) is essential, as they have to conduct the hardest work, that is a month before the elections, they have to have a voters’ list which will be stable and cleansed so that all voters have confidence in the elections, highlighted the French Ambassador Laurence Auer, at the open day with the citizens of Strumica, where they discussed the theme “The Rights and Political Freedoms of the Citizens.”

Auer expressed satisfaction with the start of field checks of data and hopes that the test will give the expected results.

“Otherwise, it is a process that we will closely monitor and support and which will contribute to the increasing confidence among citizens for the elections ultimately be judged as fair and democratic. The Freedom of choice is something that is essential, however it is not the only requirement. There are other conditions, such as the independence of the media, division of funds from the state and political parties and many challenges that today have been openly discussed and that will take us to the elections on June 5”, said Ambassador Auer.