Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Petar Atanasov, wrote a Facebook status saying that he was resigning from office, addressing the general public and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

The reason for his decision, he wrote, is the Government’s inability to implement the promises that were made. He also says that “the revolution has started to eat its own children”.

“In the past 10 months, I accepted with great pleasure and faith the invitation to carry out this function. I entered a system that for years not only did it not change, but also it had regressed and eroded. Apart from the many and endless formalities of the work in the Ministry, during this period, nothing of any significance happened. It seems that the current work is far from the needs of the system and does not change the overall situation. The changes in education that we suggested have not been realized. Why is it like this, you probably know best! Just a week ago in a public event, I said that we should sound the alarm and that if we continue at this pace, we can expect the education system to be reformed in 10 to 15 years. However, we could do much, much, better”, writes Atanasov.

He complained that he was not allowed to form a team, which would increase the effects of his work.

“For several months I have worked with some creative people to design a program for the introduction of digitalization and media literacy at the first levels of education. Unfortunately, the report and draft measures remained in your draw. Unfortunately, this experience and the accumulated knowledge could not be realized because of the inertia and the sophistication of educational institutions. But many things need to change”, Atanas points out.

He emphasizes that the main priorities in education should be to raise the quality of all levels in education, create a better opportunity for the entire society, not only for the economy, but also investing in creative potentials for teachers and above all for students.

“My intention and personal wish is to return to an academic career, because the revolution we began, is starting to eat up its own children. As of this year, it will be 30 years since I started professional work and professional engagement in several key and diverse sectors, fulfilled with new challenges. Unfortunately, my expectations that through political engagement in the past six years will affect any real improvement of the situation in society, especially in education and selfless investment for this purpose, did not materialize. It seems that even though we all declare that we are committed to keeping the youth in the country, without real reform and better quality education, as well as the opportunity for greater prosperity for young people, it will not happen”, Atanasov concluded.