The President of the Union of Commercial Chamber, Danela Arsovska reacted today about the planned economic growth in the next year’s budget, the allocation of the assets and the fact that too little funds were allocated for the economy.

“In a situation of continuous political upheavals there were underachievements in many domains during last year, especially the accomplishments of capital investments, it has to be taken into account that the companies are generating fewer profits, Therefore It is unclear what are the parameters that the projected growth of 3.8 % is based upon. We are entering in a year of election and during the first 6 months of the year until a new government is constituted everything will be stopped if the elections are organized in April 2020, said Arsovska.

She thinks that the way that the budgetary assets are planned to be spent could have had greater transparency and the ministry, through a wider expert debate would have received input from all concerned sides about how to improve the structure of all public spendings including to what degree are the profits real.