The Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Dimitrov informs that around 2.300 citizens have been kept at border crossings and airports, and are awaiting to return home.

These are dispersed worldwide but mostly in European countries. Dimitrov informed that the government has made a decision to organize humanitarian flights in order for these people to return home, and they are obliged to spend 15 days in quarantine.

He informed that yesterday in coordination with Montenegro, the government has tried to bring 70 Macedonian citizens from Istanbul with a humanitarian flight organzied by the Montenegrin government, but the people who have contacted the consulate gave up on returning home upon hearing about the obligatory quarantine. taking this into account the number of 2.300 citiznes may vary.

The minister also informed that there are efforts being made with the EU states, Macedonian citizens not to have any legal consequences for breaching the 90 days stay limit there, due to the travel ban.