ARM revokes “authorization” from members who spread fake news, while disciplinary procedures come to an end


ARM has revoked “certain authorization” from the two of its members suspected of spreading fake news, discovered by Belgian investigative journalist Maarten Schenk. Against the two, who are a Major-Officer for security and a professional soldier, the ARM has announced other sanctions after the formal completion of the disciplinary procedure.

“One member was withdrawn from a mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he was until now. Steps have been taken to withdraw certain authorization that he has, as well as authorization that the soldier has. As for other measures we will talk again after the disciplinary procedure ends, where the deadlines for appeal should end”, stated the General Staff of the ARM.

The Ministry of Interior say that the Sector for Cyber-crime and Digital Forensics is still investigating the case.

The ARM is conducting disciplinary proceedings against a major and a professional soldier accused of being the operators of sites with fake news in an investigation by Belgian journalist Maarten Schenk. The Disciplinary Commission should determine how they damaged the reputation of the Army, with fake news on a network of websites and fake Facebook profiles,

According to the degree of the violation of the working discipline and the provisions of the Law on Service in the ARM, both have been threatened with sanctions via written warning, as well as dismissals.

The investigation conducted by the Ministry of Interior, besides the two active members of the ARM, includes a former cadet at the Military Academy, and then an inspector in the Ministry of Interior.

Schenk, a researcher and a fact-checker, has uncovered three network-based operators on fake news sites in two independent investigations, posted on his website https://leadstories.com/.

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