The Macedonian Army (ARM) this morning began putting up the wired fence from the left and the right side of the quota 59 of the Macedonian-Greek border, confirmed Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Toni Janevski for “Meta”.

The decision on setting up the fence, according to information, was made this morning by the government coordinating body for dealing with migrant crisis, based on the conclusions made at the meeting of the Security Council two weeks ago.

Setting up the fence is to prevent economic migrants illegally entering the country.

“The Army of the Republic of Macedonia is obliged to put a fence, poles and wire, as part of the tactical-technical approach for setting up appropriate obstacles and targeting migrants to make them move towards the reception point, based on the decision made by the Security Council”,  said Lieutenant Colonel Toni Janevski for “Meta” .

ARM announced that during the day they will make an official announcement about the installation of the fence.

So far, authorities emphasize that “the border will remain open” and are only letting refugees from regions affected by military conflicts.

“With this, Macedonia will help migrants, but also it will help Europe with better organization and channelling od migrants through different forms of organization and tapers route to further increase the security of countries and migrants, and humane treatment, in order to minimize all security risks, “added the government.

Last week, Macedonia and the other countries on the Western Balkan route have banned the flow of economic migrants and are only allowing passage across borders only to people coming from crisis hot spots, such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.