Arifi: We shall wait for the Constitutional court to make a decision regarding the local elections


DUI’s Vice President and mayor of the city of Tetovo, Teuta Arifi, said that for a solution to the political crisis it is most important that a president of the Parliament is elected. She isn’t casting off the idea of a leadership meeting, stressing that “DUI has never run away from meetings regardless if they are among leaders or on other levels.”

-What is most important is that a president of the Parliament is to be elected. DUI has never avoided meetings regardless if they are leadership or on another level but regardless a president has to be elected. It is no good for the state if there are precedents from a party that is for certain reasons out of the majority, which is blocking a process. I think that we have to get out of that precedent, the institutions to be formed and within those institutions talks to be held and solutions to be found for an exit from the political crisis –said Arifi.

She said that the organizing of the local elections depends on the decision of the Constitutional Court to which it has submitted an initiative for prolonging the deadline of the mayors’ authorities in case there is no decision for calling for local elections.

When there is a constitutional crisis, when the Parliament isn’t voting any laws, when the government is administrative, then in a situation like that it is going to be even more complicated for the municipalities. It is important to have an election date, as this can’t go on endlessly and we shall wait for the Constitutional court’s decision. This should end, the election date to be set, in order for the citizens not to have any problems, including the administration as well – said Arifi.

The mandates of mayors and municipalities’ councils end on the 14th of May.

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