The Albanians are not the problem in the country ,and the platform of the Albanians is in line with the Constitution and the law. This was the answer from the Vice President of DUI, Teuta Arifi when asked about the deteriorating political situation in Macedonia after President Gjorge Ivanov did not award the mandate to the leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev to form a Government.

She added that the DUI party still believes that Ivanov should withdraw his decision concerning the mandate, which is in line with the requirements from the US State Department and the European Union.

“Ivanov’s decision not to award the mandate has plunged the country into an institutional crisis. We from DUI are dealing with serious responsibility, especially when we acceded to the platform and to its points, and I will say again as a reminder,the platform is not out of line with the Macedonian Constitution or the Ohrid Framework Agreement. We think we can contribute to overcoming this situation, and we want to state that any tendency to abuse the fact that Albanians exist in this country and demarcate it as a problem in the country, I think is wrong and it will not help us get out of the crisis”, said Arifi.

Arifi said that a legal solution could be found regarding the scheduling of the local elections.

“This is a problem for all political parties. We’ll be looking for a legal solution, and take into account the fact that municipal authorities have direct authority relating to the citizens and the functioning of cities, so I think we will find a common interest, and if they are postponed, that they are not delayed too much, and it is within the law”, said Arifi.