Inspections which are being conducted by state institutions on departments of the local self-government are politically motivated ahead of the formation of the new government, said the Mayor of Tetovo, Teuta Arifi, after several institutions under state control in the past few weeks, began to check the work of the municipalities. Arifi added that such inspections are not being carried out in the interest of the people and the city.

“I do not believe that such inspections are being carried out in the interest of the city. If they wanted to work in the interest of the citizens, the state institutions would be checking where the money went for the water supply system that was built for such a long time, they would inspect how casinos in Tetovo open, permits that are not given by the municipality, but by state institutions”, said Arifi.

She added that such inspections are being conducted by certain individuals who are abusing state institutions for personal or political purposes.

Two weeks ago, the State Labour Inspectorate carried out inspections at the offices of the Municipality of Tetovo, in order to determine whether the ban on smoking was being obeyed.

Last week, the Basic Public Prosecution at the request of the police were checking whether departments of the Municipality of Tetovo were obeying the law when they issued permits for summer terraces. For whatever purpose, they checked 74 restaurants and hotels.