Archbishop Gospodin Gospodin Stefan sent an Easter greeting that calls upon the citizens to withheld from visiting churches and are asked to pray from their homes.

“We are going through a period that requires obedience and abstinence from us. The outbreak of coronavirus in the world, including our country, has made us to be careful about our health and the health of our dear ones. Therefore, we are adhering to the measures and advice provided by the institutions, and all jointly we shall contribute to decrease and prevent the infection’s spreading. We advice our believers to hold on and not to get upset for not being able to attend in their numbers the services at the temples. We ask them to pray in their homes and hearts for God to deliver us from this dangerous sickness” states the monitory issued by Archbishop Stefan.

He also appealed to all faithful to send prayers for the medical personnel, police and the army that are taking care for the sick and the order in the state.