Uncertainty about the decision of the Court of Appeal on the appeal of the journalist Tomislav Kezharovski, who was sentenced to prison with a first instance verdict in the case “Liquidation”, won’t be resolved before New Year, as expected according to the announcements of the Court of Appeal.

Judge of the Court of Appeal Safet Kadriu said for META that the decision should have been submitted to the Basic Court Skopje 1 today, but it was delayed, adding that it is still being prepared.

– It was supposed to be submitted today, but was postponed for after the New Year. The decision is being prepared and it will be submitted to the Basic Court Skopje 1 after New Year – stated judge Kadriu.

Two weeks ago, judge Kadriu said for BIRN that the Court of Appeal ruled on the appeal of journalist Kezharovski and that the decision is being prepared, after which, it will be submitted to the court.

“We cannot announce what the decision would be until it is not verified, and it will happen within the legal timeframe of 60 days”, said Kadiru for BIRN, and, as they reported, he also added that given the great public interest in this case, the decision is likely to be known in about a week since.

Court of Appeal may revoke the sentence to which Kezharovski was sentenced and return the case for a retrial, confirm the initial verdict or pass a new verdict.

Last year in late October, journalist Tomislav Kezharovski was sentenced to four and a half years of prison in the case “Liquidation”, i.e. because he disclosed the identity of a protected witness in the case “Oreshe”. Kezharovski spent five months in detention in investigative prison “Skopje”, and, from November last year, he is under house arrest.

The detention, the trial, and the first instance verdict against Kezharovski initiated reactions from journalists’ associations and international organizations, and it was also given as a negative example of the condition of media freedom in several reports.