The Agency for Personal Data Protection (APDP) will press charges against unknown perpetrator for publishing lists with personal data of people from Kumanovo infected with Covid-19. This list has been shared on social networks, informs Portalb.

The charges were pressed for misuse of personal data and will be filed by the Agency’s director.

This institution which is a guardian of privacy stresses that “photographing of lists containing personal data of persons that have contracted the coronavirus, or are placed in self-isolation or in state-ordered quarantine, as well as their posting and sharing without any legal grounds is a violation of the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection and Article 149 of the Criminal Code and the punishment for that is a fine or imprisonment.

Elena Stojanovska an expert in the area of privacy and protection of personal data stated for that the sharing of the photograph with a list of people from Kumanovo infected with Covid-19 is problematic on many levels.

-Firstly, the photograph has no data that clearly indicates who is the primary owner of this data i.e. the base from where this data was taken. This disputes the data’s truthfulness. If we presume that the data is correct, then it can easily be stated that there is a violation of the right for protection of personal data with the sharing of data outside of the institutions that are authorized to check this data and their sharing electronically – said Stojanovska.

According to her, in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, the data that refer to health including data about provided health protection are a special category of data or sensitive personal data.