A committee instead of the Government will be appointing high ranking managers in institutions by selecting candidates -professionals. But this will not be happening in all of the public sector. The changes, along with the prescribed disciplinary responsibility for managers, is planned as part of the draft law for high-ranking managing service, that the Government has adopted during its 169th session.

-This is a tectonic change in the ways of selecting persons to high-ranking positions. Until now there wasn’t a single law where the rules of appointing were clearly stated. For secretaries it was regulated with the Law on administrative servants while for the directors there were 123 separate laws. These laws were incomplete i.e. they didn’t contain enactments about the procedure of open and fair game, selection nor criteria for selecting the most competent candidate for a managing position – said Minister Damjan Manchevski who promoted the law today.

The goal of the law, according to the government is to establish a “higher-ranking managing service based on expertise and merits as a mechanism for the improvement of organization capacities and strengthening of good managing within the public sector institutions. In return this will help to make a clear distinction among the politically selected and appointed persons and the administration.”