At today’s meeting of the Parliamentary Commission for Elections and Appointments, the composition of the Commission proposed to elect seven new members of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC).
Two of the members Sejdi Halili and Farie Aliu, are from the previous composition, and Goran Milenkov, lawyer from Skopje, Igor Tanturovski, graduate economist, Najdo Spasevski, lawyer from Skopje, Suzana Taskova-Adzhikotareva, MA in Criminal Law in Skopje and Zhaklina Danchevska, Master in Business Law from Prilep, are proposed.
President of the Anti-Corruption Commission is elected by the members of the first session.
It is expected that the proposal of the Parliamentary Committee to be put at its next plenary session of the Assembly.
Members are appointed by the Assembly for a term of four years, with the right to one more appointment. They have the status of appointees, and they report to the Assembly.