The Albanian language media in Skopje has announced that tomorrow at the Basic Court Skopje 1 (Criminal Court) there is going to be a protest where a revolt is going to be expressed regarding the verdicts for the “Divo Naselje” case.

“Certain non-government organizations of the civil initiative are organizing a protest against the prison sentences that the Court in Skopje has given for the convicts in the case of “Divo Naselje” in Kumanovo. The protests will start on Sunday at 13.00h” announced the Albanian portal “Telegraf.”

The protests will start at the Skenderberg square and will end in front of the Basic Court Skopje 1, said the announcement of the NGOs that was sent to Albanian media.

The protestors will demand an international investigation and revision of the case that according to them is another injustice imposed on the Albanians in Macedonia. Apart from the “Divo Naselje” a freedom is demanded for other Albanian convicts in the cases such as “Monster,” “Brodec,” etc.